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Keynote Addresses

Public Speaking Event

Public Speaking Events

Jessie Sutherland is a keynote speaker for a wide variety of local, national and international audiences. Her approach engages audiences and generates fresh approaches to community challenges.


  • Learn a fresh approach to community challenges
  • Build and strengthen collaboration amongst participants
  • Generate creativity and innovation
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding
  • Identify workable next steps for individual and community action


We start by listening to you. What would success look like for you? What is your vision and dreams for the best possible outcome? We then work with you to custom design a presentation and a facilitation process to produce the results you want. We integrate keynote addresses, with audience engagement through dialogue, small group work and plenary discussions.

If you would like Jessie Sutherland to speak at an event or your organization, click here and fill in the form.

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“I love the way Jessie thinks. Her use of metaphor creates pictures that explain and open question for the meanings of "WORD", then her definitions that further detail that picture. Her energy and spirituality radiates crossing all cultural or life experience barriers.”
~ Mary Braken, Fairview Community Restorative Justice

“I really enjoyed how Jessie engaged the group in discussion rather than just lecturing, in order for there to be change there is a need for discussion. I felt that the ideas expressed by Jessie, as well as facilitating though provoking dialogue. This presentation was very inspiring and very much appreciated... Thanks.”
~Logan Pahl, Community Conflict Resolution

“I really enjoyed the keynote and the morning address! You provided the opportunity to share and …you brought the whole emphasis of Fostering a restorative worldview down to our level. It was neat that humour and laughter played a key part in your presentation.”
~ Lance Scout

“The Finding Home presentation and material was beautifully simple and impactful. I was struck by how engaged the audience was with Jessie Sutherland's humanistic presentation style.”
~ Lynda Brind Dickson, Seniors Services Society

"Jessie Sutherland is a visionary. Her work draws upon decades of international work for peace and justice, and compliments it with her synthesis of the most cutting edge-scholarly research in the fields of dispute resolution and intercultural dialogue. Like the great Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, she is able to present profound and transformative insights, in simple, digestible format. As a result, those who attend her presentations leave feeling empowered, and equipped with practical tools that they can use to become instruments of transformation in their own communities."
~ Anne Nguyen, MD