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Community Engagement and Diversity Training

Are you a community organization that is looking for a new way to foster belonging? Create an inclusive community? Increase personal and collaborative capacity? Our Community Engagement and Diversity Training does all of these things. It is comprised of 4 workshops:

1. Change and Transitions

In this session, participants will reflect on how fostering a sense of belonging and building inclusive communities is really all about supporting the change process. Participants learn 6 aspects of supporting change and transitions within themselves and in the communities they serve.

2. Home Matters

This session gives an overview of the concepts and skills for building an inclusive community. Participants explore multiple meanings of home; in other words,, factors that foster a sense of belonging. Then they go on to identify the attitudes and behaviours that lead to building inclusive communities.

3. Cross-Cultural Skills

In this session, participants learn practical skills and theoretical knowledge to understand diverse worldviews and different interpretations of challenging situations. Participants gain tools to increase their effectiveness through learning a values-based approach to responding to interpersonal and cross-cultural conflict.

4. Diverse and Quality Engagement

This session introduces participants to a new 5-step model for diverse and quality engagement. Participants learn tools and skills for preparing for outreach, partnership building, effective participant recruitment and sustaining engagement.

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Participant & Client Feedback

“Jessie has a very engaging and interactive approach and extremely knowledgeable about our diverse client base – which made the workshop very relative to my needs.”
~ Maureen Houghton, Gordon House, training participant

“Our community enjoyed enormous success with the Finding Home Initiative, connecting with over 70 youth and youth service providers and amongst other things completing the Westside Youth Asset Mapping Project.”
~ Catherine Leach, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, Executive Director

I recommend this workshop for anyone serious about genuine dialogue, healing and reconciliation!

"I was inspired after taking Jessie Sutherland's workshop on "False and Genuine Reconciliation". What Jessie teaches is the basis forsustainable peace and development and is an affirmation of the"Doctrine of Ends and Means" which was the foundation of MahatmaGandhi's revolution. Her exercises and teachings about"indicators for false reconciliation" confirmed for me that thereconciliation my friends and I have been striving to achieve for ourpeople and conflict-torn region on the Indo-Myanmar border is rooted atthe right depth and based on the right values and principles. I highlyrecommend this workshop for anyone serious about genuine dialogue,healing and reconciliation. The world needs such conviction, faith, andcommitment."
~ Niketu Iralu, Nagaland, Northeast India
- Member, Peace Committee, Nagaland Baptist Church Council.
- Trustee, Centre for Northeast Studies and Policy Research, New Delhi.
- Member, Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, New Delhi.

Jessie Sutherland has a gift for generating "ah-ha" moments

"JessieSutherland has a gift for generating "ah-ha" moments. Her gentle questioning and invitation to go deeper into yourself provides apowerful means of transformation. I have benefited by moving towardhealthier personal and professional relationships since myparticipation in her workshop on Mallard Island. Thanks, Jessie!"
~ Mary Swalla Holmes
- Program Director
- Mallard Island

Jessie is a healing presence!

"It was on a remote island on the Minnesota-Ontario border that I was so fortunate as to experience Jessie Sutherland's Worldview workshop. Herinvolvement in conflict resolution has taken Jessie to far-flung,troubled places, and throughout the workshop her breadth of experience and depth of commitment informed the worldview concepts she introduced.We explored the nature of human-centered, Earth-centered, andGod-centered world views, and I continue to be struck by how fully our planet's ongoing conflicts can be explained by differences contained in those world views. Jessie is a healing presence, and her vision does much to clarify the issues of a troubled world."
~Joe Paddock, USA
- Author of Keeper of the Wild: The Life of Ernest Oberholtzer

I left Jessie's workshop with greater both the personal and political levels!

Engaging and energetic, Jessie Sutherland personalizes global challenges through enabling a true understanding of reconciliation and conflict tranformation. I left her workshop with a greater understanding of howto bring about successful reconciliations at both the personal andpolitical levels. Jessie's uncanny talent for teasing outself-realizations will undoubtedly transform your approach to resolvingconflicts.
~ Nabila Alibhai , Kenya

Jessie Sutherland's four day workshop was extremely practical...

"Jessie Sutherland's four day workshop was extremely practical. JessieSutherland helped me see how the analysis and strategies applied to mypersonal life and relationships as well as to macro settings. She has agreat combination of expertise and caring that make her subject comealive ! I am using the concepts and skills in my role as director of acharity."
~Charlotte Kerelko, MSW, USA
- Director of Kids Closet of Duluth

Jessie's workshop is inspiring and gave me tools to work with in my native Africa"

"I have attended one of Jessie Sutherlan's workshops in Ottawa, Canada.Her reaserch and presentation in Conflict Resolution andReconciliation is very impressive. She is committed to her work. I havecome from a background of political conflicts, genocide, hatred and bitter vengeance. I found her presentation inspiring and a tool towork with in my native Africa."
~ Fessaha Weri
-Council Member Initiatives of Change